Student Testimonials

"I'm a 62 year old avid golfer and I love the game. I was in a major struggle with my game and my handicap had gone from 12 to 18. At this point I felt I was losing my love of the game. 

It was suggested that maybe Nolan could help or offer a different approach to my problem. I wanted the love of the game back and decided to give Nolan the challenge. 

The lessons with Nolan were far beyond my expectation. He listened to what I had to say and then formulated a plan. I felt comfortable with Nolan. We worked as a team and strengthened my game. When the season came to a close, my handicap had dropped back down to 13."

Howard, 13 hdcp.

After struggling with my iron play for nearly two years, I decided it was time for some professional help. With some recommendations from friends, I found Nolan. 

After hitting about a half dozen balls, Nolan immediately found some minor problems with my swing and more importantly, my alignment. By the end of the lesson, I was back on track.

My handicap dropped from a 15 to a 12, but more importantly, golf was made fun again.

Ted, 12 hdcp.



Kingston, ON, Canada

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